The Red Partridge by Adèle Renault

Within the framework of the Itinéraires Artistiques en Pays Portes de Gascogne, with the financial support of the State and the Occitanie Region.


Adele Renault is an artist with a deep acuity for observing what most of us find commonplace. From pigeons to humans, she focuses her artistic work on the representation of ordinary city dwellers on canvases or walls around the world.

Adèle grew up in the Belgian Ardennes, where her musical family encouraged her to travel the world on her own. At just 14 years old, she traveled to Venezuela and then to Brighton, England. During her travels, she studied graphic arts, from painting to modern graffiti, while also experimenting with new media and design. In 2010, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.

Following her instinct and her desire to paint, Adèle continues to live her vocation in the four corners of the world. Following her personal exhibitions, the United States is for her a decisive step in her artistic career. The diversity of humanity and birdlife in the American metropolis became the fertile ground for her pictorial aspirations. Based in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, Adele will present a series of portraits of the community that surrounds her in October 2019 during the exhibition Crossing Lines at PDP Gallery. With such a distinctive portrait technique, focusing on the ubiquity of pigeons and people in our urban centers, her work is easily recognizable.

Through her series, Gutter Paradise, Adele Renault has been evolving her painting since 2016 into a meticulous study of a detail that has become the subject. She convincingly transposes an element that might seem insignificant to make it the main focus of her research.

In 2021, she begins the Plantasia series, a theme she has carried with her for a long time.

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Oiseaux Représentés


In May 2022, Adèle Renault was invited to create a fresco of the Murs d’Audubon in the heart of the village of Sempesserre, in the Gers. The inauguration of the fresco was accompanied by a convivial program, in partnership with La Tchourre, representative of the LPO in the Gers, and associated with the project, notably in its scientific mediation declination.


The bird proposed by the commune is the red partridge. This bird is now threatened. The commune of Sempesserre is committed to a policy of environmental preservation resulting in, among other things, the replanting of hedges in its commune. The objective is to promote the preservation and in particular to give back habitats to the red partridge.

The inhabitants and the elected officials of the commune of Sempesserre were also associated with the project of the Walls of Audubon within the framework of the Artistic Itineraries of the Country Portes de Gascogne.


The pupils of the elementary school, as well as the inhabitants of the village were invited to participate in workcamps of safeguard and were by this occasion sensitized with the questions related to the environmental protection.

The Gers association La Tchourre, representative of the LPO in the Gers, is associated with the project and has set up an exhibition and a bird-watching tour:

– Exhibition “Acting together for raptors by nature in Occitania”: a flight into the fascinating world of raptors in the region, so that everyone can act for their knowledge and preservation. From May 11 to 24.
– Presentation of the artist Adèle Renault and aperitif. May 17.
– Ornithological walk. May 20th.
– Aperitif and Auberge Espagnole in front of the mural. May 20.


The Pays Portes de Gascogne and its 160 communes spread over 5 communities of communes covers a third of the Gers department in its eastern part, in the Occitanie region. It is a territory close to the agglomerations of Toulouse, Auch and Agen. Usually identified for its gastronomy and its gentle way of life, the Pays Portes de Gascogne is also a territory of cultural experimentation

There are about twenty works spread over two circuits: Art and Environment, and frescoes. Each work has been the subject of an artist’s residency combining creation and cultural activities for the inhabitants. Each of the works is linked by a circuit that can be done by electric bicycle, using among others the project Vélo de Pays du Pays Portes de Gascogne.

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