Vulture & Eagle by Tatiana Saum

A mural created as part of YOUR BIRDS, OUR BIRDS. 

Tatiana Saum

Collaborating in art projects and workshops, Tatiana became involved in the cultural sphere of Almadense, where she grew up, from an early age. Graduated in Multimedia Art from FBAUL – Faculty of Fine Arts of the Lisbon University, Master in Contemporary Art Creation from UA and currently a Master’s student in Teaching Visual Arts at FPIE-UL. Tatiana Saum works at Culturgest as a Mediator in the Participation Department. She teaches Expressions at Colégio Positivista Sá de Miranda and she does graphic design and illustration on a freelance basis, promoting analogue and digital intersections on sustainability and freedom. Tatiana received the Vista Alegre Uma Família em Quarentena Award (3rd place), 2020 and she was nominated for the Pedro de Sousa Award, 2018. In addition to her academic and professional experience, she has been involved in international volunteering experiences in the field of ​​social responsibility in non-profit organizations (OCC Greece and Münzinghof Workcamp), also integrating three Erasmus+ programs (Vilnius, Barcelona and Naples).





Over the course of 8 months, two classes from the primary school EB1 Alta de Lisboa worked collaboratively to choose a bird that would become their public bastion.

After learning about biodiversity and democratically choosing which species to choose, they created the materials and supports necessary for the composition of several temporary murals, which were shared with the community on the 24th May 2023. Their tools: their own words collected over the course of several months. Their materials: biodegradable glue and organic paint made from school kitchen waste – beetroot, coffee, potatoes. Those were their only footprints.

They talked about the importance of protecting biodiversity, starting from their own uniqueness and experimenting the fertility of co-construction and collaborative learning.

As long as nature allows, the result will be available to those who pass by: a series of murals spread throughout the school, configuring the illustration of their beloved birds – from birth to adulthood.

© Joana Linda

Partners involved:

Culturgest invited the artist Tatiana Saum to develop this project with the School EB1/JI Alta de Lisboa (Agrupamento Pintor Almada Negreiros), within the scope of the campaign “Your Birds, Our Birds” promoted by the ACT – Art, Climate, Transition project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The Professors Emília Silva (4th grade) and Joana Rita Silva (2nd grade) understood the relevance of this project and helped making it possible in the school and in their classrooms. The artist, Tatiana Saum, invited a few very special guests to collaborate with her on this project. Carlos Dias is a nature-lover and aspirant to ornithologist in his early childhood. Inês Santos creates scientific illustrations, particularly of birds, her passion, using both analogic and digital media. Marta Antunes is a cultural mediator, specialised in design and a research in arts studies – she’s also an activist fighting against the precariousness of the cultural sector. Inês Didelet is a former architect who found her new passion on illustration for children, as a device for activating citizenship.

“Your Birds, Our Birds” ACT Campaign

The “Your Birds, Our Birds” campaign was launched at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille in September 2021. To spread the impact of this initiative across Europe, ACT kicked off the campaign launch by inviting all network partners to engage their local communities of artists, scientists and civic organizations to submit murals of threatened birds. Inspired by the mural by artist Fikos in Marseille, which was created by ACT partner COAL for the IUCN World Conservation Congress, network partners are now busy proposing their mural projects.


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