As part of the “Your Birds, Our Birds” campaign run by the European cooperation network ACT, Domino is producing a mural of a European kingfisher in Zagreb, Croatia.

Chez 186

Chez 186 is a Croatian graffiti artist based in Zagreb. He has been active in the Croatian graffiti scene for 20 years and his specific style has left its mark on the current generation of active graffiti artists in Zagreb and Croatia. Twenty years ago he started with what could be defined as a classical style, which over the years of experimentation evolved into abstraction. He never completely abandoned the basic rules of graffiti, but rather plays with them in the sphere of abstraction.

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Created by Croatian artist Chez 186, the mural was developed in collaboration with Domino and KBC Rebro, as part of the Your Birds, Our Birds campaign.

The mural by the artist Chez 186, representing a kingfisher, was inaugurated on a wall of the main building of the Zagreb hospital in the presence of the Domino association, their partner KBC Rebro, the artist, representatives of the clinic and patients.

“In coherence with the efforts of the city to give a new appearance to the walls and other public spaces of Zagreb, without offensive graffiti and other public degradation, we try, with this mural, to offer an example of thoughtful and environmentally friendly street art”, said the association Domino.

The bird, a European kingfisher (Voldomar in Croatian), is a threatened species in the European Union. Each member state is required to provide geographical areas where kingfisher populations could safely develop.

“The European kingfisher symbolizes peace and optimism, which I think is extremely necessary for every hospital” said Ivan Jamić, head of the hospital center.

BIOM, an association working for the preservation of nature and biodiversity, is a partner in the implementation of this mural project. It is mainly interested in birds, as well as in fauna and flora more generally, and also maintains the relationship between nature and man in order to preserve the natural heritage for future generations.

The Domino Association has been promoting independent art on the bangs of society and at the limits of established norms for twenty years, both in Croatia and abroad. It participates in several European projects, including ACT: Art, Climate, Transition, in which the painting of the mural in KBC Zagreb was also organized.

“Your Birds, Our Birds” ACT Campaign

The “Your Birds, Our Birds” campaign was launched at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille in September 2021. To spread the impact of this initiative across Europe, ACT kicked off the campaign launch by inviting all network partners to engage their local communities of artists, scientists and civic organizations to submit murals of threatened birds. Inspired by the mural by artist Fikos in Marseille, which was created by ACT partner COAL for the IUCN World Conservation Congress, network partners are now busy proposing their mural projects.


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